August 30, 2014

No awkward duck this time, though I do have photos of my new apartment. While I really, really miss my adorable students Shincheorwon, and I miss being “Jecky-love teacher” I think I will really enjoy living in Donghae. The apartment is so much bigger and feels much more like a home instead of depressing and damp little box. I have room on the enclosed balcony to grow some little plants, and the washer is a in a separate room and actually connected to the drain so everything isn’t always damp. There’s a lot of kitchen cupboards, although they are so high I will need to buy a step stool soon. There is a sitting room with two couches and a bedroom with a queen size bed and a huge, huge closet for all my many clothes. I even have a bathroom with a real bathtub! I also have a spare room which, once it is cleaned up, will make a nice guest room/studio for my watercolors.
The job is nice. I miss the balance of teaching at a co-ed school, and I really miss my high school students, but so far the students are fun and my co-teachers are super nice and really helpful. I will also start teaching a class for the other teachers this week, and I think that’s a good thing, even though it is more work, because it will really help me get to know some of the other teachers at my school.

I haven’t taken a shower since I arrived in Donghae. Just nice hot baths.

So happy to have a living space with a couch. Comfy. Nice view too, and I’m on the 9th floor, which gives me a lovely breeze.

Huge closet all for me!!

Spare room

Kitchen, complete with more than one cupboard, yay! Not much counter space, but I’m thinking of getting a little table to help out with that.


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