June 12, 2014

Hey, so the update is happening quickly! I could have promised after all! So here’s the project I’ve been having fun with lately. Someone suggested I keep a scrapbook of my experiences here and I was trying to decide what form I wanted that to take, since I am not the type remember to get pictures printed and that sort of thing. The obvious answer was my water color paintings, but I didn’t want to fill my scrapbook with landscapes, and so The Awkward Duck was born. I’ve decided to paint some of my experiences- odd cultural moments and such- in the character of The Awkward Duck. Here are the first few results:

My friend Dani and I actually saw a dog with painted on eyebrows when we were in Busan, and it’s quite common to see cats and small dogs wearing blush. I definitely find it disturbing!

Koreans pull out their umbrella when it’s sprinkling, or even when it’s just a bit misty. I don’t understand this at all. I’ve even had people tell me quite seriously that if I go out in the rain too much my hair will fall out. The concern for me when it’s sprinkling and I’m not carrying an umbrella is so strong that I cave and carry an umbrella. I use it in a downpour, but still don’t like to take it out when it’s just sprinkling. Having grown up in Western Washington, I feel like light rain is my natural habitat.
My life in Korea is pretty great, but I think we all have days like this.

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