June 15, 2014

Another reason to paint more: I update my blog much more often when I have a hobby to show off. Although, I think I’m much more talented at the jewelry making than watercolors.
After mentioning I don’t want to fill my scrapbook with landscapes, what do I do but paint some landscapes. I feel very peaceful when I’m painting landscapes, so I guess my subject just depends on my mood.

This is yet another version of my memories of Oaxaca. I feel like each one I paint has parts of how it really was, but none of them will really capture it all.

This is one I’ve actually worked on for a while. It’s a view from the war memorial in Sincheorwon last fall when all the leaves were so bright. The view from the top of that his is gorgeous in all seasons,but especially in the fall when the leaves are turning and the spring when the cherry blossoms are blooming.

I get a lot of inspiration from the top of that hill. This the view facing the other direction in winter. My current favorite painting.

This is what happens when you hurry a self-portrait. It’s not TOO terrible, but it looks like I had plastic surgery to make my nose smaller, and what happened to the corner of my mouth? I’ll have to try again sometime when I’m feeling more patient.

I bought a teapot when I was in Busan. I’m already putting it to good use. Peppermint tea, green tea, rooibos, black tea! I’m consuming a lot of tea out of this little pot.


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