June 30, 2014

Good friends, good food, good times

On Friday I made the somewhat difficult journey out to spend the weekend in what is probably my favorite place in Korea- Yangyang/Sokcho. Normally the bus ride from Cheorwon to Chuncheon is quite brutal- near impossible to sleep because of the speed with which the driver navigates the winding roads. Luckily my first grade co-teacher, Rachel, was taking the same bus, so we could have a nice chat on the ride. The lovely Hannah and Trevor hosted me yet again for the weekend and Saturday, after checking out bus times for a mysterious valley/waterfalls we were interested in visiting, we decided to leave it for another time and head straight for the beach. Where we stayed pretty much all day excepting a short trip to a coffee shop when it decided to pour down rain for a bit. I got a fabulous sunburn, swam in the ocean, covered myself with sand and generally had a fantastic time. After that I was brought to a paradise of all-you-can-eat American food that included all-you-can-drink wine and espresso. Needless to say, I left the place feeling full, happy, andreally wired after five espressos. Coffee coffee coffee!

From there we proceeded to a bar in order to take in the Brazil vs Chile game.
The game started at 1 am, and I am proud to say we stayed awake until it the second half finished a draw, at which point we headed back to Yangyang and arrived just in time to watch Brazil win on penalty kicks.
The next day was back to the beach before embarking on the long journey home.
I’m a little too excited about soccer.

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