October 22, 2014

Reasons Why Coffeetime is a Bad Idea (part 1)

First off, I’m a huge fan of coffee, what I’m referring to are the dangers of having coffee time with someone. More on that once Nanowrimo starts, because it needs an awkward duck painting to go with it. In the meantime, here is a recent coffee time experience.
Today the ladies of my office invited me for coffee and sat whispering conspiratorially and darting looks at me. I’m not sure why they whisper, because I don’t understand Korean anyway.
Finally one of them asked. “Jackie teacher, what do you think of Korean men?”
“All of them?” I asked.
“What style of man do you like?”
I was unable to answer this question, because I’m not entirely sure I know the correct vocabulary to describe different styles of men. It’s a confusing subject for me.
“I don’t know… umm…” I said.
“Do you like tall man?” the science teacher asked, helping me out.
“Sure.” I said.
“Taller than you?”
“I guess, yeah, I would prefer that.”
“Ohhhhh.” They all said together, sounding disappointed. The regarded me in silence, and I drank my coffee uncomfortably.
“Jackie teacher,” said the science teacher, “do you know technology teacher?”
I didn’t know there even was a technology class at my school. “No, I don’t think so.”
“He is very kind” she said.
“He is thirty years old.”
“He is not married.”
“Oh! I see.”
“But there is BIG problem.”
“What is that?”
“He is shorter than you!”

She introduced me to the technology teacher later anyway, just in case, but I must say, I think his height is a less of an obstacle to our relationship than the fact that we don’t speak the same language.


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