A Hairy Situation

20150501_090456 When I was four years old, I cut my own hair. I had wanted to have short hair, and my parents told me my long hair was pretty. One day, my mom and sisters were out and my dad was watching me. I was inside safely with my coloring books and dad and Josh were out in the yard working on some project and keeping an eye on me through the front window. Unfortunately, one eye was not enough to prevent me from carefully snipping tiny bits of hair until I was nearly bald on one side. 20150501_090429 The funny thing is that when he came inside, dad didn’t even notice that I was missing 1/4 of my hair. When mom came home, I was sitting on his lap and he was obliviously reading me a story. I thought I’d magically gotten away with it until my mom freaked out. She attempted to fix the mess I’d made of my hair and I cried when I saw how short it was. Regretting my hasty actions, I didn’t cut my hair short again for years. When I was 16 I got a really cute bob and from then my hair was long and short and short and long many times, until the first time I went to Korea. When I first experienced the heat and humidity of Korea in June (which isn’t bad at all compared to August!), I promptly went to a hair salon and convinced the women to remove the frizzy mass on my head. It’s been somewhere between short and extremely short ever since. Last summer I decided to grow it out and have faithfully refused to cut it save for one trim to try and even it out. While I do like having curls again, I have to admit, I don’t’ really like it much right now. I look in the mirror and know it looks fine, but I feel like a shaggy sheepdog (no offense Pip.) So today I asking myself why I am growing my hair long and it occurred to me that I’m only doing it because other people said I should. Now, there are times when it is important to take the advice of friends, like when I’m trying to decide if I should take a job in another country and move halfway across the world, and there are other times, when it’s ok to listen to their opinion and just do the opposite if you want because it’s really not all that important. How I decorate my head it not really all that important, and let’s face it, I will look fabulous no matter what length of fuzzy stuff is on my head. 221982_1944976936578_984498_n

Here is a picture of me looking beautiful and feminine.


Another picture of me looking beautiful and feminine.


Another picture of me looking beautiful and feminine.

The only people who think I don’t look like a girl in the last picture are weird adjummas (older Korean ladies who wear plaids and florals and sun visors together) who aren’t used to seeing short-haired foreign girls.


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