I’m Really Not That Tall

I am 173 (5’8”) cm tall, according to my health check. That is not really that terribly tall. In Korea, the average height for a man is actually slightly taller than that- around 175 cm (5’9”). The average height for women, however, is just 161 (5’3”) cm.  Surprisingly, that’s barely shorter than the averages in the US, but still, I am constantly told that I am tall. I like being tall, most of the time, but every now and then, it’s not so great.

Things I hate about being tall:

Dresses and skirts in Korea are really short. Being considerably taller than most women here just makes shopping for anything other than a maxi dress awfully complicated. I’m always thinking “Hmmmm… Well, I could add a ruffle to make it longer. Maybe a little lace at the bottom? Forget it. I’ll just wear it with leggings.”

Short person: I wish I was tall, it’s so hard to find clothes that fit.

Me: For Pete’s sake, just learn to hem, it’s much easier than adding ruffles!

Then there’s the fact that humans in general really like to comment on the obvious. So some days it seems like wherever I go people are saying “You are very tall. You’re really tall. How tall are you? Wow, that’s tall.”

Thatawkwardduck is tall

I hit my head a lot. I’m sure that’s mostly because of my clumsiness, but also things are just not built the same height as back home. Speaking of which, a lot of desks are absurdly short. I’m not even that tall. What do the men even do?

“He’s really cute. But he’s shorter than you.”

Gee, thanks for assuming I’m a shallow height-snob.

Thatawkwardduck is not a height snob

Things I like about being tall:

One day the batteries in the remote for the projector went dead. While my co-teacher waffled about how to solve this problem, I grabbed a whiteboard marker, stood on tip-toes and pushed the power button on the projector. My students were amazed. It was like some kind of fantastic party trick, and for the rest of the period they were convinced that I was a super model.

Thatawkwardduck supermodel


8 thoughts on “I’m Really Not That Tall

  1. You need to spent a year in Germany – I’m 1,64m so I’m supposed to be average, but there are some shops… If I don’t want to buy trousers with at least 20cm additional lenth (while fitting perfectly around the waist), maxiscirts I could drag up to my armpits and maxidresses I could use as curtains… I need to avoid :D.
    But you would love them! Especially after the Corean shops you mentioned.
    BTW I see the hardnesses of both sides – short girl problems AND tall girl problems.
    The point is: In society, you’re never perfect. You’re always too something. Too short, too tall, too slim, too broad, spending too much money or spending too little… whatever.
    And yes, you’ll always find that one place, where the way you are will put you to a disadvantage (I was the tallest girl in primary school, 20-30cm taller then the other kids and I barely fitted my legs under those tiny tabels. It was annoying. When suddenly they grew – and I stopped to grow – everything was just too big for me. But it was never…. just perfect :O ). That’s Murphy, I guess…
    And I love those pics 😀


      • They usually sit cross-legged. I sit with my legs folded under me and they look at me and say “please sut comfortably” but I can’t fit my knees under the table when I sit cross legged!


  2. I love your blog!!! Found it through NaNoRebels board and I think it’s great. Also, I was wondering if blowing for wrimo was ok, now I say yes! Keep blogging, all us awkward ducks need you.


  3. I’m also 5’8″ and people always tell me how tall I am. I live in the USA so I don’t feel like I’m that tall compared to others, but finding clothes is impossible since I have extremely long legs. Poor awkward duck!


  4. Haha I have the opposite problem because I’m somewhere between 5’0″ and 5’1″. 😀 People also tend to comment if you’re really short, and/or mistake you for a teenager all the time. It’s also hard to find things that fit me––and you’re right, I should probably learn to hem, but I’m lazy. 😛 I guess both ends of the spectrum are frustrating!


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