I made these. Yeah, I know, I’m awesome.


I am a good cook. I know this. But I still want other people to tell me this. And so I feed people. I guess this makes me a pretty awesome neighbor/friend to people who enjoy eating, but at times, I offer to make things even though I may not really have the time to do it. And most commonly, this happens with pie. Because… there’s no substitute for pie. If I say “I’ll make soup for you tomorrow” and then tomorrow comes and I don’t feel like cooking call you up and say “Let’s go out to eat instead.” It’s no big deal. But there is no going back on your word if pie is promised. This had led to many frantic late-night pie- making sessions. Which is perfectly fine, because I love pie too. Just please, give me lots of compliments and be sure to tell me how awesome my pies are. And if my kitchen isn’t clean… my excuse is pie.


That Awkward Duck Rushes to Make Pie


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